Academic components of our preschool program are built into our structured play based curriculum in a manner consistent with the developmental age of each child. Children in our preschool program are introduced to shorter periods of structured academic time in preparation for their transition to the Kindergarten Preparatory Program. Pal’s teachers introduce preschool children to the academic setting and progressively build upon the beginning skills learned in their toddler years. Literacy, math, science, health, the social sciences and physical education are all integrated into our daily program both through play and structured academic time. Children become increasingly interactive with one another at this stage of development and teachers arrange the daily environment to help the children form healthy bonds of friendship with their classmates.

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Make Winter Safe for Kids!!!

  • Winter is an exciting time for kids. It brings great outdoor activities, such as snowboarding and skating, but also cold weather, ice and snow, which can present a danger to children. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the winter. Here are some winter safety tips for both parents and children.
    • Never allow children to play outside alone. Establish a buddy system with one or more of their friends and have them look out for one another. Children younger than eight years of age should always be well supervised outside.
    • Check from time to time to make sure children are warm and dry.
    • Have younger children take frequent breaks to come inside for a warm drink.
    • Never send children outside in extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms.
    • Keep children indoors if the temperature falls below 0°F, or if the wind chill is 0°F or greater.